Download AFK Arena Mod Apk 2022 For Android [Unlimited Coins]

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Remember when we all used to play games for hours in childhood, but as we come of age, our lives turn to 360 degrees with studies, office, and other responsibilities.

The latest game, AFK MOD, offers amazing automated gameplay, which keeps playing even while the system is offline. As everyone has daily errands to run, making it difficult to play the game regularly, the intuitive gameplay offers great relaxation for life that upshots exhausting or burnout.

You can also get it on google playstore.

Happily, the gaming industry upgrades every passing time. So OG players buckle up as AFK Arena is renowned game dev Lilith Games, who also programmed other popular games launched formation-based combat AFK Arena.

The game land is Esperia which is full of assets, treasures, and natural wonders. The land origin has also been beset by Hypogeans – an evil force that brings destruction everywhere they trade. On the other hand, the people of Esperia fight over them with the help of the goddess.

However, the goddess is tired and divides the rest of her power into different artifacts. But now the goddess is gone, and the land is managed by its residents, who are truthful protectors. Then again, after decades, the hypogean are rising again, so gather the powers for a war against evil to win back peace to Esperia.

How to Play AFK Arena Mod APK?

Each battle mines your given team against the opponent, with both sides attacking. The Player character has two bars on display that show HP and Ultimate meter. As the fight continues, the ultimate bar fills with each attack the character’s release.

Once filled, tap on the portraits to power their ultimate, emits shattering skill that can turn the wave of the fight. Moreover, as mentioned, it is an automated game, and truthfully, the auto-battle does an amazing job in defeating enemies and clearing levels.

The squad must contain five heroes managed as two strong fighters for the frontline and three at the rear. Winning in the battle highly relies on troop arrangement. If the unit is incorrectly positioned, it affects the team’s skill; in best-case scenario, the strongest power placed in the middle to shoot the entire enemy team in one shot.

Nonetheless, if it is placed on the sides can limit the utility of efficient power. The automatic battle feature can save many efforts and let the player give the best strategy to win the fight and clear the stage.

Arena Mod APK Features: Unlimited Diamonds

It is durable to earn diamonds for the game but with AFK Arena hacked APK, the fun never stops. AFK mod comes with unlimited diamonds to let the player have an enjoyable experience.

⦁ Make your strategy to increment wins.
⦁ Incredible superpowers.
⦁ Library of legendary hero cards.
⦁ The high-resolution graphics make the experience a lot better.
⦁ Upgraded heroes and fighters.
⦁ testing server available
⦁ Battle together with players all around the arena.

How to Download Arena mod for APK?

AFK Arena hacked can give you the best teams and strongest fighters to begin the game be right up the alley. AFK Arena MOD APK unlimited diamonds will unlock all fighters, characters, and grounds, unlike the original version, where diamonds are needed. The version comes with unlimited diamonds. It is completely free and available for only android devices. More than 100 million have downloaded the game by now.

Is AFK arena Popular?

Approximately over 6.6 million people play this game on their Android sets, with great reviews and ratings for an interesting and addictive game. Try Freefire also if you are an action game lover.

System Requirements for AFK Arena APK Latest Version

Need 4.1 or up version of android to run the AFK Arena APK game. The system should support the file after downloading to start the installation.

What’s New Updates in AFK Arena Mod

The new AFK Arena updates involve new characters and battlefields.

⦁ New heroes
⦁ New Hypogean Team
⦁ Bugs and crashes are fixed.
⦁ Improvement in trail events.


For a high-quality game experience with art-style automated gameplay, AFK Arena resembles a lot with the flash game of the early 2000s but with upgraded UI and real-time combat. The game is a marvel to play, one of the reasons why it’s one of highly recommended on the internet.


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