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Android 11 is the 18th version of android and majorly the 11th release. Its mobile operating system was developed by the open handset alliance led by google. The date of release was on September 8, 2020. No doubt it has lots of unique and new features that you must enjoy in this version. 

Moreover, it is people-oriented and expressive with having a new control space. It includes conversation notifications and bubbles, one-time permissions, surface devices, and media in the controls. The performance of the android 11 is faster with having tools such as compatibility toggles, ADB gradual installs, and many more.

Unique Features Of Android 11

Better Media Controls/Dynamic

Android 11 has also unique features better dynamic media controls such as lights, robot vacuums, and cameras. It is a new quick menu control settings in the smartphones such as pixels and Samsung etc. you will find this feature in the power menu preferable below the cards and passes carousels.

It will permit one-tap toggles for lights and devices on your display screen without closing the given use app. This feature is fast and quick response and also multitasking working.  It is also engaging with your music in the notifications.

Built-in Chat Bubbles

Built-in chat bubbles are also very interesting features in Android 11. Before this, we have just seen chat bubbles notification on Fb messenger, but from now, we also have conversation bubbles on Android 11. Chat bubbles move all surroundings of your phone screen.

Furthermore, if you get a message from whom you like chatting, you can long-press the notification and label the specific conversation chat as a first preference. In this way, you will get notifications even your phone is on Do not disturb mode.

Wireless Android Auto

The wireless android auto feature gives you comfort while driving by making your phone easier. It provides your phone to connect the compatible touchscreen car radios so that your driving experience will be good enough and easy manner.

Especially it connects your phone without any support of a USB cable. The primary benefit of Android Auto Wireless allows you to connect your phone with your car, and you don’t need to plug and unplug the switch.  

Built-in Screen Recorder Pixels

Screen recording is a very important feature that everybody wants, but unfortunately, we didn’t get it properly without using third-party apps that are not suitable for everyone.


Now, you don’t have to worry because android 11 has an officially built-in screen recorder option so you can record content on your device. It also includes audio on both mick and device without the support of any third-party app. To get access to this feature, you have to add it to the quick setting menu.

One-time Permission

One-time permission is preferable privacy-based feature that people want it. This feature will access your location at once while using this app. When the apps need permission regarding location, microphone, or camera, the mobile interface has an option to access one-time permission. By selecting this option in the dialog box, your phone will get this one-time permission.

Dark Theme Scheduling Mode

Dark theme Scheduling Mode is also known as night mode, is a display setting for user interfaces such as smartphones or laptops. Dark modes are also named as:

  • black mode
  • dark theme
  • light on dark

The main purpose behind dark mode is to reduces the light emitted by the display screen at night and maintain the light against the screen by considering the readability 

For activating dark theme mode
Go to settings 
Now select advance then taps the option to enable dark theme schedule. 

Voice Access Gets Smarter


Controlling your phone with your voice will get better your experience with mobile. In this feature, you will get access via google voice access. Now you can control your phones and all function by raising your voice, and the action will be done. You can perform anything just by speaking. The considering name or app you will say then the google voice access will get you back soon for instance

  • open Facebook
  • Go back
  • Turn off the device


The notifications are an essential part of any phone or device. Although, Android 11 provides the feature of notifications here into three categories, such as conversation, alert notifications, and silent notification.


Firstly the conversation section shows the notification from messaging apps such as WhatsApp or messenger. Secondly, an alert notification appears regular notifications. Lastly, a silent notification shows that are happening in the background

Privacy and Security

Privacy and security are the major concerns for every smartphone. Here in Android 11 introduced one-time permissions for the camera, microphone, and location. It builds on an earlier version of android by adding features and updates to feel secure in the end-user.

To access this feature, users have to go to the settings section. Some of the changes are happening in android 11, such as scoped storage information, one-time permissions, permissions auto reset, background location access, package visibility, and foreground services.

Easter Egg

Easter egg is a hidden feature in Android 11 that you will get by following some of the steps in the settings section. Easter eggs consider as non-essential, it makes fun and used your phone easily, and it will help a lot. How to get with it

  • Go to the android settings
  • Press the tap ‘‘About phone’’.
  • Now find your android version here
  • Open it. Now you will get easter eggs

Phones Will Get Android 11

Here the list where Android 11 are available

  • Google pixel 2, 2XL, pixel 3
  • Samsung Galaxy A22
  • Realmi (X50 Pro)
  • One plus 8 Pro
  • Xiomi
  • Vivo (X50, X50 pro)
  • Oppo (find X2 pro and find X2, Reno3 pro and Reno3 soon)


Final words always consider important for any articles. Android has lots of many new and unique features that you have been through this article. New updates that are known as Android 11 is remarkable impacts on users. Having media controls shows uniqueness in this app.

Also, chat conversation introduced a new feature in Android 11 that will make it easy to see your preferable chatting. A built-in screen recorder is also very important for any users that will help them to share their contents with friends easily, such as pictures, videos, and screenshots. They can keep records of important points and things easily via a screen recorder.

Especially one-time permission is also essential for privacy based and last, but not least screen theme schedule also helps to reduce their mobile light and save battery. Privacy and security are also major concerns for every user. In this article, you will get all the aspects of Android 11 that you must know, and I hope it will help you enhance your knowledge about Android 11.

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