How to Install Apk with OBB/Data File?

obb file installer

OBB files stand for Binary blob files which define as the extension file of the Apk file. As we know, most of the apps or games are Big, and we can’t download them through the Apk file only, so there we need some extension files to download big games and apps. It is no doubt that the OBB file can make it easy for you.

Now you can download big sizer games and apps through OBB files. For downloading big-size apps and Games needs to download the first APK file from the play store. After this, download the OBB file, generally known as an additional file.

Why do we need it?

Now, the question arises there why do we need it? So, the answer should be simple. First, to store additional or secondary information regarding the respective games and apps, etc.

It is not the primary information we can get from this file. However, it can only store the maps or levels that you have done in a game. Moreover, it is also like the app and game but contains only relevant data about games and apps that its function works properly.

Requirements of OBB Files

For downloading such files, you need to there some requirements to download it that given below

How to install OBB files

To install the OBB files, you have to follow some steps to reach your final destination.

Where to put the OBB file or Data?

Some of the following steps given below:
Unzip/ extract the downloaded OBB or Data file in your windows or laptop
Now copy the data folder and locate it in the right place. For instance,
And then paste the folder here

For OBB files, copy the OBB folder then locate it in the right place. For instance

Then paste the folder here.
However, if you are unable to find the OBB or Data folder, you can create a new folder.
Now you have to confirm that the files have successfully copied into Your external memory
Disconnect your device from the windows or laptop
Now open the APK file


Finally, in this article, you will come to know entirely about the process of installation of an APK with the OBB files. The most important factor of these files is to transfer the games to another phone without compromising all the levels done or got points. However, you can now easily download large size of games and apps through OBB files such as PUBG, GTA San Andreas, Free Fire, etc.

Now we hope that you have cleared all aspects of OBB files/ Data information through this article, so follow the steps given above. Do let me know for further queries in the comment section below

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