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The introduction of teaching feeling apk app on the market is an indication that AI learning has been taken seriously by companies. The app is designed to help people understand how to express their feelings. It assists users in understanding their own feelings, including happiness, sadness, anger and frustration.


The app has a set of emotions that are shown in different colors. When the user taps on a color, it will reveal more information about what the emotion is and how to deal with it. The user can also record his or her feelings for later use or share it with others.

Many people have actually turned away from traditional learning methods because they are not as effective as they once were. This is because there’s only so much that a person can learn by looking at


The app was developed by a team of educational psychologists at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. The app helps kids learn how to control and express their emotions. It also teaches kids basic social skills like empathy, listening, sharing, and understanding others’ experiences.

  • The game includes colorful characters and an interactive storybook for children of all ages, which teaches them how to engage with others on different feelings using animals.
  • Teaching Feeling is an app that gives you a personalized list of emotions for you to practice. It uses a chatbot to help users experience the emotion and helps them say it back.
  • From there, the app’s customized exercises help you learn how to express yourself, and also gives your mood insights into how you are feeling on a day-to-day basis.
  • Feeling Apk offers a wide range of teaching features which include narration and storytelling, personalized learning, and interactive activities.
  • Voiceovers: The app’s narrations, which have been specifically designed to develop emotional intelligence, are both entertaining and informative.
  • Personalized Learning: Feeling Apk is an adaptive platform which learns students’ personal preferences. It also offers more than 100 different teaching experiences to ensure that students can explore the app at their own pace.
  • Interactive Activities: Feeling Apk includes more than 50 interactive activities that help students learn through fun exercises. These exercises help children discover various feelings and build emotional intelligence in a playful way.
  • Many apps on the market offer kid the opportunity to interact with feelings in a purposeful way, but few offer such rich features as
  • Teaching feeling is an Android application that helps to teach children how to express their feelings.
  • With this app, children can use digital tools like drawing, painting or music production to express feelings and let out their creative side without any barriers.

How to use

Teaching Feeling is an app for users to understand their feelings. It can help users navigate their emotions and change behaviors that are not in line with what they want to achieve.

To use it, the user starts with a question such as “What is my overall emotion?” The app will then give the user feedback on how they feel on a scale of 1-10. It can also help them identify how they feel in relation to other emotions like anger, fear, or sadness.

Once the user knows how they feel, they can ask the app questions about their behavior and emotions like “How do I manage my anger?” or “What am I afraid of?” The app will then guide them through different ways of feeling better or helping themselves in

This article is a step-by-step guide on how to use the feelings apk.

Teaching feeling apk is one of the most popular teaching tools that are available in the market. It can help you teach your kids and students what emotions they should feel in certain situations. The tool was designed by a clinical psychologist, Dr. Lisa Harmsworth in order to help people learn what feelings are important and how to express them appropriately.

How to download and install

This introduction will briefly describe what the teaching feeling app is and how it works. It will also mention the steps that users should be aware of before downloading and installing the app on their device.

The teaching feeling app is a free android app that helps you to teach your emotions to children through playing games and doing activities with them. One good thing about this app is that it’s completely accessible for both children with autism or special needs, as well as those without disabilities, who happen to have some difficulties in understanding feelings.

Before downloading and installing it, users must be aware of these steps:

1) Downloading the teaching feeling apk

2) Installing the apk on your device

3) Checking if your phone has a compatible gamepad

4) Verifying

Teaching feeling is an android app that is designed to help you achieve your emotions goals with focus and success.

In this article, we will provide a tutorial on how to download and install Teaching Feeling apk.  Once you are done reading the article, you can play around with the app and see what it has to offer.

Step 1: Download Teaching Feeling apk from Google Play Store

Step 2: Download Slides for Teaching Feeling apk from Google Drive or Dropbox into iphone’s data folder

Step 3: Install Slides for Teaching Feeling apk in the data folder that was just downloaded from Step 2


FAQs can be a great way to teach students about emotions, but it is important that the vocabulary used in the FAQs is age-appropriate. This can be achieved through the use of pictures and verbs instead of direct language.

An example of an FAQ with a high level vocabulary would look like this:

“How do I feel when my parents leave me?”

A low-level vocabulary FAQ would look like this:

“What do you feel when your mom leaves?”

The most effective way to teach feelings is to have students answer questions about how they feel in response to given situations.

What are your feelings when you see a cute dog?

How do you feel when you get a text from your mom?

How do you feel when someone gives you a compliment?

And so on…


With the help of AI assistants, students can improve their writing skills. The tool has helped students to be more confident and motivated in their writing skills.

AI writing assistants are an evolution of word processors. They do not replace humans, but they serve as a companion for them by providing assistance to enhance the work output.

An AI writing assistant is a software that assists in the creation of text. They are most often found in academia, but increasingly they are found in other fields and industries as well, such as digital marketing, government speaking and marketing.

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