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WhatsApp plus or WhatsApp blue is one of the best APP that has millions of active users all over the globe. This app will entertain you along with its fabulous features.
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WhatsApp plus or WhatsApp blue apk is one of the best APP that has millions of active users all over the globe. This app will entertain you along with its fabulous features. The WhatsApp blue is the modded version of the original WhatsApp with having lots of unique features with good quality. Such as blue theme, custom blue plus dark blue theme, and many more. You must be thinking about its version app even though we have already used flawless original WhatsApp features, so why do we need it?

It is the modded version of the original WhatsApp having some new unique features that you will enjoy. As we know, about the features of the original WhatsApp, such as the fast and quick response of communication. It is speedy and secure communication that you can do in a short time. You can send text messages, voice messages, videos, and pictures.

You don’t have to worry about its security because WhatsApp has the option to secure your chat or all data due to end-to-end encryption, which means your WhatsApp chats are secure even WhatsApp can’t see your messages. Your privacy will be secured. The most important feature it has to share your current location wherever you are now. You can easily find others to see the current location of them.

You can also get it on Playstore

Features of WhatsApp Blue

WhatsApp blue has lots features. Some of them are written below.

Having Bundles of Themes

WhatsApp blue has lots of unique and lavish features, one of them is the collection of themes. There are lots of WhatsApp blue themes that you must enjoy in it. WhatsApp blue themes compare with the original one we will come to know that there is only one user interface.

On the other way, WhatsApp blue has bundles of themes of the movies and cartoons. This WhatsApp blue allows you to customize everything such as text, buttons, and graphics. However, the original app does not allow any customization. It has 700 themes that you can use, and you don’t have to install them separately. This app has an option to download the themes automatically and make them in order by name, date, and version.

To Hide the Options

To hide the options introduced by WhatsApp blue where you can hide even when you are online. It is one of those persons who want to make themselves hide and save themselves from any interruption. The hiding options include blue ticks, second ticks, blue microphone, typing, recording, view status.

Moreover, you can see even anti-delete messages or voices for an individual or a group. It also allows you to hide your status while online and enables the anti-deleted WhatsApp status of others.

Styles and Fonts

Styles and fonts are the key features of any android app because it makes them more appealing. In the original WhatsApp, unfortunately, there is no option to change the styles and font size. Luckily, WhatsApp blue provides this feature that everyone must love it. Now you can select the styles and font size as per your desire. WhatsApp blue has many collections of flawless and famous styles and fonts. 

Lots of Emojis

WhatsApp has lots of emojis and smileys that become your chat more interesting. It is one of the sources of communication. In the 21 century, emoticons have played a vital role in conveying your messages. Emoticons are the essential tool to communicate emotions, which cannot express in words. Similarly, WhatsApp blue, the modded version, has lots of emoticons that make chatting more interesting and entertaining.

I am sure everyone loves it because emojis says a lot rather than words within few second. WhatsApp blue also has emoticons of Google hangouts which makes your chat more appealing.

File-Sharing Optimized

File sharing is an important factor for everyone. Everyone wants to share large data within less time. The original WhatsApp offers you to send your file up to 16 Mb. However, WhatsApp blue allows sending files more than 16 Mb up to 50 Mb. So, in WhatsApp blue, you are free to share a large file. The original WhatsApp becomes slow while sharing the videos and pictures, whereas WhatsApp blue doesn’t compromise the quality of sending videos and pictures.

Moreover, it also allows you to upload the WhatsApp status of 45 seconds in the version app, while the original app can upload the WhatsApp status only for 30 seconds. So the modded version has more qualities and features that increase your interest, so you must use it at least once

Logs and History

Logs and history are also the imperative features that WhatsApp blue has, but the original WhatsApp doesn’t have it. From this, you can record your data and history in it, such as your WhatsApp opening and ending timings, your conversation timings, and important videos and pictures, etc. Besides, the logs feature to maintain the records of your activities while using it.

Eventually, it will help you to know about the online and offline timings of your friends. In this way, you can set timings of your chatting when you both will be comfortable. Even though it also has an option to keep records of your former DP of the contacts. it will become more helpful for you to simplify things.

Auto Reply

WhatsApp blue also provides the feature of auto-reply, which means if you are not online, the message will send automatically according to that feature. Generally, the auto-reply feature is available on only the WhatsApp business app, and the original WhatsApp does not have this option. However, WhatsApp blue app has this magnificent option. All you need to do there to set your setting on auto-reply then it will work automatically.

Status Download Option

To download the status is the captivating feature that it has. When it comes to original WhatsApp, there is no option of downloading the WhatsApp status of others. Sometimes we see the WhatsApp status of others look captivating, but we could not download them from the original app.

So now you don’t have to worry about WhatsApp status downloading because it has this remarkable option, and you can download others WhatsApp status whatever you want.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Blue Apk

For downloading the WhatsApp blue, you have to follow some steps given below

  • First of all, you have to uninstall your original WhatsApp messenger to download this one.
  • After this, now make sure that you have done your backup of original WhatsApp data such as important chats, videos, pictures, and some files, etc. to restore data in WhatsApp blue app
  • once the backup has done, now download the WhatsApp blue apk file from downloading section
  • Go to the setting and restore your data in it.
  • Make sure you have uninstalled the original WhatsApp
  • Open your modded version WhatsApp file Apk
  • After this, you have to verify your mobile no and register your account no.
  • You have restored your data now. Now mention your name and set your Dp as well, and enjoy this modded version.

Key Features of WhatsApp Blue Modded Version

  • This app has the option to ban prof Mod which simply means it is an anti-ban app, and no one can ban your account while using it.
  • It provides the option to hide the blue ticks even you have seen them.
  • More collections of Beautiful and interesting themes.
  • Most important features that now you can send files up to 50 Mb without any disturbance
  • You can hide from your friends while online.
  • Save others’ stories from their status.
  • No risk of being banned. It is a secure official app.
  • Enable anti-delete messages and anti-delete status as well.
  • Have logs and history details in modded version WhatsApp blue
  • You can hide your last seen so no others can check your using time.
  • Cleaner tool also available to delete and clean unnecessary chats and other stuff.


In a net shell, no doubt WhatsApp blue has lots of unique and marvelous features that you will enjoy. Its features will increase your interest level to use it than others apps.

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It is the modded version of the official WhatsApp and has millions of customers all around the world, so you must download WhatsApp blue on your mobile phone after uninstalling the original WhatsApp and enjoy its remarkable features.

What's new

* Image and video previews have been updated so you can now see more of the media in chat. * All participants in a group can now change the Disappearing Messages setting by default. Admins can still have control by changing the "Edit Group Info" setting.


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